Building a new retail commercial credit economy ecology based on blockchain

About BCS

  • BCS Using self-optimized POBC (goodwill certification) as the underlying consensus mechanism, and introducing the real world credit system to provide better operation and support for anonymous block chain network. BCS Focus on the new retail industry with rich landing scenarios, aiming at creating a supply chain traceability, quantifiable credit, transparent data, consumer shopping, membership services, precision marketing, centralized procurement scenarios in one, forming online e-commerce transactions, offline shopping experience, and building a new retail public chain ecology with multi-participation and multi-benefit. On November 8, 2018, BCS Foundation officially joined China Cloud System Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance as a governing unit. At present, BCS has completed the release of open source code at the bottom of block chain, wallet and DAPP application, and is expected to be on the main line in the end of 2019.

Reconstructing Business Credit Model

EVM Contract System

POBC consensus algorithm

Value Transfer Protocol

Target of Development

  • BCS expects to achieve a real world and the associated block chain network, to improve the credibility of the ecological chain block, promote the development of the ground application, and accelerate the transition to the traditional business chain block the pace of building new distributed ecological business, for real economic empowerment. By introducing the factor of business reputation, the trust crisis in the anonymous network of block chain is solved, and a new consensus protocol of POBC based on business reputation is provided to encourage business institutions to invest in the ecology of block chain.

BCS Application

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Road Map

Main team

Tim (Founder CEO)

Graduated from Auckland Polytechnic University, Master of Finance. Popular in the world's top 500 enterprises, engaged in cross-border e-commerce global channel development and supply chain finance related work. Has many years of overseas investment and cross-border retail industry experience.

Max (Founder CEO、Chief Operating Officer)

EMBA, Fudan School of Management, Executive Director of China Cloud Systems Alliance, Member of the Block Chain Professional Committee of China Communications Industry Association, and one of the early investors of Yitaifang, has conducted in-depth research and Practice on distributed commerce.

Tommy (Chief Technical Officer)

Master of Computer Science is a senior engineer in the big data team of the world's top 500 science and technology enterprises. He serves as an architect/project manager in many big data projects. He has been selected as a researcher in the Enterprise Block Chain Laboratory. He has deeply studied distributed computing and Block Chain technology, and is also an active contributor to the global large data open source project.

Dufren (Chief Marketing Officer)

Sichuan College of Foreign Languages has a double degree and is proficient in English. Spanish was translated into ETH white paper in 2013 to tie in digital currency and join it. IOTA, BYTEBALL, NXT early investors. Participate in the top-level design and implementation of multi-block chain projects.

Consultant team

Shen Yushi

China's National Thousand Persons Program specialist, Secretary-General of China Cloud System Industry Innovation Strategic Alliance, researcher of Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University. Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Master and Doctor of Electronic Computer, University of California, USA.

Tang Min

Associate Professor, Master's supervisor, research fields: E-commerce data mining, enterprise informatization, management information system, data analysis and decision support. She has participated in the National Social Science Foundation projects, the British Prosperity Fund and World Bank-funded projects.