R&D Engineer of Block Chain Bottom Technology

  1. Research and implement the underlying protocol of the blockchain, iterative BCS blockchain consensus mechanism, governance model, smart contract virtual machine and other key technologies;
  2. Explore and implement blockchain cutting-edge technologies, including fragmentation/DAG/cross-chain/lightning networks/thunder networks/zero-knowledge proof, etc;
  3. Build a low-level architecture based on blockchain, including the underlying logic of public chain / alliance chain / private chain / side chain.
Job requirements
  1. 2211/985 computer related majors with bachelor degree or above are preferred; Proficient in C/C++, python or go development, with more than 3 years of back-end development experience;
  2. Familiar with Git-based team development or having open source project development experience is preferred;
  3. Familiar with Git-based team development model or open source project development experience;
  4. Development experience in any direction in network programming, cryptography, distributed consistency algorithms, virtual machines, compilers, and databases is preferred;
  5. Understanding the block chain consensus mechanism, key technologies such as fragmentation/lightning network/cross-chain/DAG/zero-knowledge proof, and one or more of the underlying architectures of mainstream projects such as Bitcoin/ETF/Hyperledger, or having relevant project experience is preferred;
  6. Having the spirit of technical research, pursue quality, and strong self-driven learning ability is preferred;
  7. Good English literacy, adapt to the international working atmosphere.

Please send your resume to [email protected]

Junior Block Chain R&D Engineer

  1. Responsible for the development of new features of BCS blockchain products, including BCS nodes, wallets, explorer, enterprise services, etc;
  2. Explore blockchain technology application scenarios and accelerate DApp project implement;
  3. Assist in the implementation of blockchain frontier technologies such as fragmentation/DAG/cross-chain/lightning network/thunder network/zero knowledge certification, etc.
Job requirements
    1. 211/985 computer-related majors with bachelor degree or above, outstanding fresh graduates or interns;
    2. Have a solid programming skills, familiar with data structures and algorithms, and familiar with at least one mainstream programming language such as C/C++/Python/Go;
    3. Good English reading ability and fast learning ability;
    4. Good communication skills and teamwork skills;
    5. Understanding blockchain principles or Solidity smart contract writers is preferred.

Please send your resume to [email protected]

Mobile Development

  1. Responsible for BCS mobile product development, optimization and maintenance;
  2. Responsible for BCS mobile ecological construction work;
  3. Responsible for BCS ecological mobile technology support;
  4. Learn and research new technologies to meet business needs.
Job requirements
    1. 211/985 computer related majors with bachelor degree or above are preferred;
    2. Proficient in Android / iOS working mechanism and architecture, more than 3 years of mobile development experience;
    3. Familiar with the Java/Objective-C/Swift/C/C++ backend language;
    4. Familiar with tools and methods for app performance optimization on Android / iOS platforms;
    5. Understanding the principle of blockchain is a priority;
    6. With the spirit of technical research, the pursuit of quality, with a strong self-driven learning ability;
    7. Good English literacy, adapt to the international working atmosphere.

Please send your resume to [email protected]

Block Chain Research

  1. The development direction of R&D blockchain technology;
  2. The latest dynamic tracking and finishing of blockchain management policies, industry applications and technological breakthroughs at home and abroad;
  3. Participate in the research and analysis of customer needs in various industries, organize and collect data, complete the business plan design based on the blockchain perspective, and participate in the preparation of the project's later report.
Job requirements
  1. Ph.D. and above, cryptography, information security and other computer related majors;
  2. Proficient in C/C++, at least one language in python or go;
  3. Master the basic research framework, able to write reports related to the blockchain industry with clear logic;
  4. Basic user research, industry analysis and corporate interview skills;
  5. With a framework of thinking with certain unknown data accounting;
  6. Work hard, be proactive, have good communication skills and learning ability, be serious and responsible, and have strong resistance to stress;
  7. Good English literacy, adapt to the international working atmosphere.

Please send your resume to [email protected]